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We make our moortis and sculptures with great dedication, care and professionalism. We also custom-make these sculptures, moortis, statues and artifacts, into our buyer’s dream desire to have the product. We supply all Makrana and other varieties of Makrana, Black, Red, Yellow, Italian and other marbles’ sculptures, murtis, statues and articles.

All types of marble stones items are hand-made with best quality marble; and are professionally painted in excellent quality of gold and silver paint. These are all finely sculptured by our master artists from Rajasthan, India. The marble statues and idols of Gods & Goddesses, Busts, Roman figure, Furniture and other Décor items are crafted in excellent quality with vibrant beautiful colours and excellent craftsmanship. We also provide on request basis, sculptures made from Italian and other different marbles.

We give our products excellent detailed attention of art and carving, which is also done in traditional and religious requirement to make every moortis. We make moortis from the smallest to large sizes over and above 8 feet.

We work and aim to bring the blessing of every idol that we present to our buyer’s. We bring moortis to our clients, bearing cost effectiveness and are very fair in being market- competitive pricing range, by being reasonable in pricing and to be also able to be affordable to purchase marble items.

We deliver our products in a professional way by packing it with great care, so it reaches its destination safe. We deliver with pride, our products to clients in India, the U.K., U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Germany, New Mexico, Australia, Middle East, Guyana, Fiji Islands and Africa, by ship and by air. Many times we deliver products in a week based on urgency of the clients.

We manufacture and export various types of Marble Murtis of Ganesha, Jain Shwetamber and Digambar Moortis, Durga, Radha Krishna, Ram Darbar, Hanumanji, Vishnu Laxmi, Shiva family, ISKCON, God Murtis ...
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